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The World Genius Directory was created by Dr Jason Betts and his infamous IQ tests are found here.

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23/10/16      2017 Genius of the Year Awards! VOTE NOW! See

30/10/16      Jason's Test of the Month, L'Orange - - please see also

30/10/16      $100 AUD Gödel Competition! Best 3 IQ scores get prizes of: 1st $50, 2nd $30, 3rd $20 AUD. 

30/10/16      New free download books from Jason Betts here (including his famous Maths Experiments workbook)

30/10/16      Price rise of 50c - updates have risen from $10 AUD plus Paypal fee to $11 AUD including Paypal fee.

30/12/17      Please help fund WGD Member James Houlihan's Chemistry PhD